Welcome to the Goldendale School District
Thank you for visiting our website. Please take a moment to review all the great things happening at each of our three schools this year:

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  Good things happening at Goldendale Primary School:

  • The PTO is collecting IGA receipt to earn dollars that go to programs that directly benefit our students; please turn yours into the school office
  • The Leader in me program is designed to teach students how to be happy and successful; there is a focus on a different healthy habit each month.
  • Students are learning Habit #4 this month - Think Win-Win! When conflict arises, look for a win-win solution!


Current news from Goldendale Middle School:

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  • An after-school study program is available to students needing extra help, it is open on Wednesdays from 1:45-3:10: a great way to stay in good standing!
  • Need directions to other schools in our athletic league? Click here for a list of directions to all league schools.
  • The Lego Robotics team participated in a recent tournament that included 58 teams; our students finished in the middle of the pack - Congratulations!
  • Staff are very busy learning about the Common Core Writing curriculum.

What's cool at Goldendale High School:


  • For students needing extra help in Math, Mr. Padgett offers after-school help on Tue, Wed & Thr of each week.
  • For students needing extra help in English, Science, or History, a tutor is available to help you after-school on Tuesdays;     in Ms. Wahl's room
  • It is time for the Senior class to apply for college, trade school, the military and for scholarships! For questions or assistance, contact the Counseling Center at 773-5846
  • The GEAR Up grant provides funding for the STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs